Skylake 2015 Retina MacBook Pro: Hopes Up People

Intel was excited to announce earlier today that they are about to complete the development of their first every 14nm nanochips. Upon completion, it will make Intel the second tech manufacturer to own the new technology.

The tech firm revealed that development of the 14nm nanochips are already in its final stages of development and it is expected to be ready by July this year. If so, then there is a chance for the new tech to feature on the next-gen Apple MacBook Pro.

The nanochips will be called Skylake and it will also replace the 20nm Broadwell chips. In addition to that, the technology will be looking to enhance the performance of smartphones, computers and tablets. In addition to that, the smaller architecture also means that lesser energy is needed to power the nanochips.

With Apple also developing this year’s MacBook Pro, there is a chance for the nanochips to make its debut on the laptop. Of course, this is if Skylake gets released in early July. Protection Status