Silent Hill P.T Was Kojima’s Limit?

Hideo Kojima is known for making some of the most memorable horror games. Even his short playable trailer for Silent Hill was already more intense and carry than most of the horror games we got last year. That is why fans are hoping that Kojima would one day work on a new horror game but we can forget about that dream for the time being as Hideo Kojima reveal that he wants to take a break from horror game for the time being.

According to Hideo Kojima, creating horror games like the Silent Hill P.T will cause him to have nightmares because he gets scared easily. He added that maybe the reason why he is so good is because he knows what is scary.

So we can expect not to see any more horror games from Kojima in the near future but we will definitely be seeing more games from Kojima. We have already seen a few trailers from his upcoming Death Stranding game although nobody seems to know what the game is all about.

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