Silent Hill P.T: The Reason Why Death Stranding Is Not A Horror Game?

Who would have thought that a short demo like the Silent Hill P.T would have such a great impact on the horror game fans? The game was pretty simple and short but it was enough to beat some of the proper horror games we had that year. We are still disappointed that things had to end that way but is the game also the reason why the new Kojima game is not a horror game?

According to Hideo Kojima, he wants to step away from creating horror games as horror games scared him. He told IGN that he gets scared easily so he really understands what is scary and what is not. Maybe that is why his horror games are the best but he added that he gets too scared creating them and he does not want to do that anymore.

Of course, he might get over it in time and come out with another horror game but for now, Kojima has had enough of it.

While we still do not know what Death Stranding is about, it is clear that it is far from being a horror game.

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