Shadow of Mordor 2: Dare We Hope For More

A lot of people enjoyed playing the Shadow of Mordor game and although some people think that the game started to get a little boring and repetitive towards the end, the fans still want for of it. The question now is whether or not Warner Bros will offer it to us.

Based on the ending of the last game, it was clear that they could still squeeze a sequel out of it if they wanted to. We saw the game pop up in the resume of a stunt actress earlier last year but of course, that was far from a confirmation.

Warner Bros have not said anything about a sequel but they recently announce that they were going to announce something important next month. They did not reveal what it is but some fans are saying that it could be an announcement for the Shadow of Mordor 2. Other think that it might have something to do with Batman based on the style of the WB logo. Protection Status