Shadow of Mordor 2: What We Need Now

The developers of the game Shadow of Mordor introduced us to a new type of gaming where what you do in the game will affect the system of the game in real time. As amazing as the first Shadow of Mordor is, there are definitely some things that we wish the developers would work on.

The Shadow of Mordor release introduced us all to the Nemesis System and while some people think that it got a little stale towards the end, we would actually like them to bring it back although maybe with some other new features.

Then there is the boss fight. After fighting your way tot he end, the boss fight ended up bring a huge disappointment because we were not really a part of the fight. All we had to do was follow the scene and jam the buttons when we are asked to. Maybe in the sequel, they will actually let us fight the boss.

The Shadow of Mordor 2 rumors started after the game was spotted in the resume of a stunt actress, while the game has not been confirming yet, most poeple seems to believe that it is being developed right now.

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