Tesla Model 3: Small Opening “Taken Care Of”

When Tesla first showed off the Tesla Model 3 prototype, some people did comment that the truck opening of the Tesla Model 3 seems a little too small. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk later came out to clarify that opening was that small because of the glass roof design.

The glass roof, which has been designed to extend all the way to the back is made that way so that their rear passenger can have more headroom or at least that is what Tesla is saying.

However, it looks like the actual production model might actually come with a bigger truck opening. When asked if they will be fixing the issue, Elon Musk replied that the issue has been “taken car of”.

He did not elaborate on how the issue was fixed but new reports have been suggesting that the largest truck opening might be offered as an option. Let’s hope that that is not the case.

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