Aston Martin DB11 Will Get Some Personal Touch

Aston Martin fans have been waiting for the Aston Martin DB11 for the longest time and with all the expectation they have for it, it is important that Aston Martin gets it right this time around. That is probably why the CEO of Aston Martin has decided to personally inspect the Aston Martin DB11.

No, he will not be going through ever single Aston Martin DB11 made but he will be personally inspecting the first 1000 Aston Martin DB11 to make sure they are flawless.

So how do you know if you model have been inspected? Well, models that are personally inspected by Andy Palmer will get find an inspection badge with his signature on the V12 engine.

So you are the lucky few to get the model with the badge, you can rest assure that the vehicle is as good as Aston Martin wants it to be.

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