Shadow of Mordor 2: What Does The Silent Mean?

Did we all read it wrong? Although most people seems to believe that a sequel to the Shadow of Mordor is coming, the fact is that there is really no real confirmation that a sequel is on the way.

The very few leaks and news were had were convincing enough but that was all we had to go on. Many fans believe that a sequel is in the making based on the ending of the first game which suggest that there might be more but we all know that developers like to make that kind of ending so that they can pick it up if they wanted to.

Then there was the how resume leak. The Shadow of Mordor 2 was listed in the resume of a stunt actress and many believe that that was evidence that the game is being developed but if that is really the case why haven’t we heard anything from the developers?

We were hoping to see the game at some of the main game events and show this year but that did not happen as well and ever since E3 this have been very quiet. Too quiet. Did we read the cards wrong or are these developers getting better at hiding things from us?

Steven Estevez

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