Samsung Galaxy S7: Still Going Strong After All These Time

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not a disappointment but it is hard to like it when they are still dealing with all the overheating and exploding issues right now. While Samsung continues to find a solution for the Note 7, let’s take a look at how the other flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is doing after being in the market for a few months.

After looking at most of the premium Android smartphone in the market right now, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S7 still has one of the best display around. The water resistance and dust resistance features is also a huge plus. Not all of us will be needing it but it is nice to know that the device will protect itself in that kind of situation.

A lot of users also reported that there was surprise that their Samsung Galaxy S7 was able to remain smooth and fast after months of using. It is common for smartphones to start slowing down after some time but so far, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still going strong.

The S7 is also still considered as one of the top camera smartphones in the market.

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