Shadow Of Mordor 2: Time To Give Up?

The Shadow of Mordor sequel is one of the most highly requested games right now but so far, Monolith has never hinted that sequel is in the making. However, that has not stopped the people from speculating about the sequel.

Most people seems to believe that there is going to be a sequel just because of the ending of the first game. The ending hinted that there might be more although Monolith never really did hint that there will be.

Fans were even more convinced that a sequel was going to happen when the game was spotted in a CV of a stunt actress. The game was later removed from the CV but the damage has already been done.

However, there has been no news about the game ever since it was leaked in the CV. Fans that were originally pretty hype about the game have now given up on waiting as it seems like there is not going to be any announcement this year.

So you think there will be a sequel?

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