Shadow of Mordor 2: Hopes Up For Nothing

It can be quite disappointing when a convincing leak turns out to be nothing. Fans of the Shadow of Mordor game were jumping for joy when leak details suggest that a Shadow of Mordor 2 game was in the making.

However, the leak happens close to a year ago and with no new information about the game, most people are starting to believe that the leak was fake and that we all got our hopes up for nothing.

One of the reasons why the fans believe that there is going to be a sequel was because of the ending of the first game. Many people believe that there is going to be more to the story. The fact that the game was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress made them believe that a sequel was being made.

So far, Monolith has not confirmed or deny any of those rumors. Do you think a sequel will arrive?

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