Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Draws The Line

Samsung has just convinced their fans that the battery will no longer be an issue for them anymore but what about the pink line that some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users have been experiencing.

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users ave reported that there is now a pink line on the display screen of the S7 Edge. The pink line seems to be appearing around the same spot and according to the users, it just appears out of the blue and that it wasn’t caused by them dropping the device or damaging it.

The users have tried going to their local support center to get the issue fixed but some of them reported that the issue will not be covered by the warranty and they were asked to pay $350 to get a new screen.

According to Samsung, the issue is not a known issue. We do not know if Samsung is working on a solution or are they just going to ignore it but with rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might all come with a curved display, Samsung might want to address it before the S8 arrives. Protection Status