Scalebound Developer & Director Speaks Out

Fans were not too happy when Microsoft announce that they were killing off the game Scalebound. The game was one of the most highly anticipated games for Xbox One and PC players which is probably why the announcement did not sit well with many of their fans.

Since the announcement was made both the Director of Scalebound and the developer Platinum Games have come out to apologize to the fans for the disappointing ending of a promising game.

Platinum Games stated that they were disappointed that things had to turn out that way but promises that they will continue to deliver high-quality games in the near future starting with the upcoming NieR: Automate which will be arriving in March and more.

Hideki Kamiya, the Director of the game of tweeted his apology and promising to work harder so that things like this does not happen as well. He also addresses the rumors about him having mental health issues saying that he did not take time off for his mental health.

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