Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Using The Force

Samsung will have to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 to gain back the trust of their fans after the huge mess they created with the Note 7. Samsung has not revealed much about the device yet but there have been more than enough rumors and speculations to get us excited about what is to come.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung will be missing out on the MWC 2017 and that they plan to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 a little later at an event of their own. We personally think that taking more time is a great thing. They did try to rush things with the Note 7 and that definitely did not turn out well for them.

Now, new reports from Android Police are suggesting that Samsung might also be working on a new 3D Touch tech for their Samsung Galaxy S8. It is said that Samsung might replace the navigation keys on the button with the new 3D Touch tech.

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