Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Held Back By Google

Samsung will really have to impress their fans when they bring out the new Samsung Galaxy S8 next year after the whole Note 7 incident but it looks like one of the S8 biggest selling points might not be available when the S8 arrives next year.

There were talks that Samsung is looking to offer their Viv assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8 next year but new reports are now saying that Samsung will not be able to do that do to a patent-sharing settlement that Samsung has with Google right now.

The agreement has been signed back in 2014 and since then Samsung has been offering a few assistant features but it is believed that Google had allowed that because they were the top android smartphone at that time but now that things are not looking too good for Samsung, Google might not be so lenient anymore.

With the Google Assistant is the works, it is believed that Samsung might have to shelf the Viv Assistant. Of course, we still do not know if that is really going to happen so it is best if we all just take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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