Shadow of Mordor 2: Will It Take You All The Way

The title of the game itself tells us that Mordor is going to be a huge part of the game but after the first game, some fans are hoping that Monolith would allow us to venture a little further this time around.

In the first game, all we got to see in Mordor. While it makes sense for the story and title, we were hoping that we were given the opportunity to see more of Middle Earth. Others are hoping that Monolith would also play around with the Nemesis system and offer it with a few more features this time around.

Of course, the developers has never indicated that they are working on a new Shadow of Mordor 2 game right now. All the information we have now are based on speculations, suppose leaks and rumors one of them being the resume of the stunt actress where Shadow of Mordor 2 was listed as one of her past jobs. Protection Status