Samsung Galaxy S8: Slowing Things Down

Samsung won’t be revealing anything about the Samsung Galaxy S8 until later this month but there are more than enough rumors and speculation to keep us busy for now.

The latest rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not only come with a better camera unit but that it will also be able to capture videos at 1000fps. We know that videos captured at 240fps are good enough to capture a good slow motion video so we can only imagine how slow the Samsung Galaxy S8 can get with a 1000fps camera.

It is said that the addition of the DRAM to the sensor allowed the Samsung Galaxy S8 to handle the new feature. While it is nice to know that we will be able to do more with the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, we don’t know if that feature alone is going to be enough to convince the masses that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone to get this year.

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