2017 Subaru Forester vs Toyota RAV4: Life Saving Tech Weigh In

Both the Subaru Forester and the Toyota RAV4 will come jammed pack with new safety tech and will help ensure the safety of the driver and the road user but which model comes with better safety features?

The Toyota RAV4 will be coming in with a Pre-Collision safety system which will help the driver break and in some cases stop the car when it detects an obstacle ahead. The Pre-Collision system can stop the car from the speed of 50mph.

The Subaru Forester, on the other hand, will come with the EyeSight system which will work like the Pre-Collision system but instead of 50mph, the EyeSight system will stop vehicles that are running under 87mph which means the Subaru Forester might have a slight advantage here.

The Toyota RAV4 will retail for $24,910 while the Subaru Forester will retail for $23,245. Would you pick Subaru because of that?

Steven Estevez

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