Samsung Galaxy S8: One Leak After Another

The more you want to keep it a secret, the chances of it getting leak will be higher just like the latest leak from the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is not the first leak that we have from the Samsung Galaxy S8 and we don’t think it will be the end either. Based on all the leaks, we already know more about the Galaxy S8 than we should but this new leak will give us even more details about the device.

The sticker on the device clearly states that no photo should be taken but that will not be enough to stop the people from sharing the device. While the previously leaked images only showed us the side and the front of the device, we now get to see the rear camera, fingerprint scanner and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will only be announced on the 29th of March but at this point, it already feels like the device has been revealed.

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