Samsung Galaxy S8: Better Late Than Never

Samsung has been trying to push the release date of their devices earlier each year so that they can get to the consumers before the other smartphone manufacturers get there but that has cost them dearly when the Note 7 ended up being problematic. The Note 7 might have turn out better if Samsung has spent a little more time testing it out.

To make sure the same problem does not happen again, they will be taking it slow with the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is reported that Samsung will be missing out on MWC this year and now, it has been revealed that we might only be getting the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the end of April.

According to the reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will only be arriving on the 21st of April. At this point, we don’t think anybody would mind if Samsung wanted to take a little more time to perfect the device.

Other rumors include the S8 coming without a home button and the device sporting a bezeless display.

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