Samsung Galaxy S7: Farewell To Grace UX

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not only introduced us to some of the new features that Samsung has been working on but it also showed us what the new Grace UX will like. While the Note 7 ended up being a disaster, many believe that the new Grace UX will still be making its way to some of the other Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 but it looks like Samsung has some other things in mind.

In the latest Android Nougat beta update, it was released that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be getting a new Samsung Experience 8 to replace the TouchWiz interface. While that signals the end for the TouchWiz, it also tells us that Samsung might be done with the Grace UX as well.

Some fans believe that Samsung did that so that we can forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 altogether. What a pity.

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