Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Nothing Left To Hide

By the time Samsung is ready to show is their new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they will have nothing more to announce since most of the details have been leaked.

The specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was leaked a long time ago but it was recently revealed that the 6GB RAM rumor could be fake and that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might only come with 4GB RAM at the end of the day. The selling price pf the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was also leaked this week.

Now, we are looking at a new set of images believe to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The images were posted on TechTastic. From what we can see, the device will come with two curved edge screen. It also looks like there are a few more sensors on the top of the screen. Some believe that one of them could be the rumored Iris Scanner.

So far, the device seems to match what we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. More will be revealed when Samsung shows it off next month.

Check out the leak image here.

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