Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaving Flyers In Peace

Ever since reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started surfacing, we have been seeing warning about the device whenever we board a flight but thanks to Samsung “Refund & Exchange Program” we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

According to Samsung, they have already recovered about 96% of their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They added that the US Department of Transportation ahs decided to remove the safety requirements for the airlines. That means airlines will stop warning us about the danger of bringing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now.

As for the 4%, Samsung is hoping that their latest update to brick the device will render the device useless but of course, some people believe that there is a way to get pass the update and that would allow them to continue using the smartphone.

At the end of the day, Samsung did a great job trying to clean up the mess they made with the Note 7. Hopefully, they will be able to redeem themselves with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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