Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR: How Much Will It Cost?

We know that Samsung was working on a new Samsung Gear VR for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Since we are expecting it to come with a few upgraded feature, we were also expecting the Gear VR to come with a different price tag.

Although Samsung has not officially announced it yet, a few blogger seems to have already gotten their hands on the price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR.

According to Roland Quandt, a tech blogger, the new Samsung Gear VR will retail for €90. He also reveals that the new Gear VR will also support the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Note 4, Note 5 as well as the new Note 7 model.

Samsung fans are also hoping that Samsung would offer the Gear VR headset for free when they purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The same offer was offered when Samsung was preparing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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