Nissan Leaf EV Spare Time Project Hints At Longer Ranger Leaf

Nissan Leaf fans have been begging Nissan to work on extending the range of their Nissan Leaf EV. Most people believe that the upcoming Nissan Leaf will be coming in with a little more range to offer but Nissan latest side project reveals that they might have more to offer when the new Nissan Leaf arrives.

During their spare tie, the technicians from Nissan manage to come out with a Leaf EV model that had about 75% more range than the standard model. The vehicle was fitted with a battery that is twice as large as the battery in the current model.

Of course, this is just a side project, we won’t necessarily be seeing the upcoming model getting that big of an upgrade but it does suggest that the Nissan Leaf has the potential to offer a lot more if Nissan wanted to.

In fact, they might need something like that if they plan to take down the Chevrolet Volt in the future. Protection Status