Resident Evil 7 DLC Favors PS4 More Than Xbox One, PC

It is pretty common to see Sony and Microsoft securing some special time-exclusive deal for their consoles. Microsoft won with games like Tomb Raider and more but Sony has just gotten the upper hand with their Resident Evil 7 time-exclusive DLC.

According to Capcom, the game will be getting its first DLC later this month and that the first expansion will be released the Playstation 4 first. PS4 players will get to have it for a few weeks before the DLC is released on PC and Xbox One.

The new expansion will be part of the $30 season pass. If you don’t have one, the DLC will cost $10. The DLC will come with a new playable footage called Bedroom Scenario, and Nghtmare Scenario. Ethan Must Die will also get an extra mode.

The first DLC will be arriving on the 31st of January for PS4 and on the 21st of February for Xbox One and PC. The next DLC will be arriving on the 14th of February for the PS4 while Xbox One and PC players will get it at the same time as the first DLC.

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