Resident Evil 2 Remake Fans Left In The Dark

Now that the hype for the Resident Evil 7 game has gone down, all eyes are on the Resident Evil 2 Remake now. So what can we expect to see? When will we see the game?

It was initially speculated that we will all get a sneak peak of the remake when the new Resident Evil 7 game arrives but we all know that that did not happen. There was no mention of the remake in the game at all.

We know that the developers will be building the game from the ground up. While they did not elaborate on that, most fans believe that the Capcom might make some changes to the camera angle of the game so that the remake will appeal more to the current generation.

The older fans are hoping that Capcom would offer the game with a new camera angle but also give them the option to play with the older first person camera view so that they can relive the good old days.

We know that it is possible since we have already seen more than a few games offer both but whether Capcom will do it or not, that’s another story.

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