Red Dead Redemption 2: They Might As Well Just Say It

Here is the thing, Rockstar have not officially announced the Red Dead Redemption 2 game yet but we all know that they are working on a sequel. This week, Rockstar tweeted an image of their Rockstar logo but instead of the standard colors, the logo came with a red background, the same kind of red that the Red Dead Redemption poster had.

Fans went crazy over the tweet even though they never did specify that it was about Red Dead Redemption. Now that they have got the hype train started, it looks like they are looking to make full use of it.

Rockstar has just tweeted a new image with the same red background but this time, there is 7 figures in the distance with a sun setting or rising in the background. Once again, there was no mention of Red Dead Redemption but at this point, they might as well just say it.

Steven Estevez

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