Xiaomi Mi 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Surprise Camera Winner?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was rated as the smartphone with the best camera features and while there are more than a few smartphones that have come close to dethroning the Samsung Galaxy S7, we never would have thought that the Xiaomi Mi 5 could come that close. In fact, some people think that the Mi5 might have won? Is that really the case?

The guys over at TechTablet.com has just released a new comparison video comparing the rear camera of both the Xiaomi Mi 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7. While it is obvious that the Mi 5 stabilization is not as good as the Samsung Galaxy S7, we were surprised by how great the outdoor images were on the Mi 5. In fact, the outdoor images look better on the Mi 5. This is impressive on its own but when you take into consideration that this is a smartphone that is way cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 did manage to redeem itself in low light conditions. Check out the full video below and tell us who you think is the winner?

Steven Estevez

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