Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Turning Their Backs On Their Customers

We know that Microsoft have been trying to separate themselves from the other smartphone options in the market but despite their best effort, they just can’t seems to convince the consumers to purchase any of their new Lumia device. Why is that so.

Most people are blaming Microsoft for the not so current apps that they have to offer. While they do have a ton of apps to offer, some of the more popular apps right now like Snapchat is still not available on the Window OS.

We also know that the Microsoft Lumia device users felt left out when the rest of us was going crazy over the Pokemon Go app.

Others think that it is the lack of commercial is what brought the Lumia smartphones down. Not a lot of people knows what is going on with the Windows powered device and Microsoft might be the one to blame here.

Steven Estevez

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