PS4 vs Xbox One: Why PS4 Is A Better Purchase

Many debates and user feedback have already confirmed that the PS4 is a much better console than the Xbox One. For those that are still in a dilemma on whether to upgrade to the console from Sony or the console from Microsoft, they should get the PS4. Here’s why.

1. UI Flexibility
The Xbox One has a major flaw with its UI where it is designed with the Kinect in mind. As such, some features are unavailable if you don’t get Kinect. The PS4 offers a new looking UI but it is still flexible in the sense that players can utilize both Move and the controller for navigation.

2. Game Sharing
Microsoft, like all other evil corporations, decided that it is time for everyone to purchase their own copies of games, hence killing the trading culture. Sony, on the other hand, promises that games can still be shared on the PS4.

3. Chart Topping Exclusives
Back on the Xbox 360, Microsoft was king of exclusive titles. However, they have been on a decline since the Xbox One arrived because the PS4 came out with tons of exclusive titles to offer. To make things sweeter, the exclusives on the PS4 are all chart toppers.

4. Native Resolution
You must have at least heard about this one. The Xbox One, being Microsoft’s biggest upgrade, only features 720p native resolution whereas the PS4 can offer 1080p.

5. Digital Format An Online Play
Microsoft is trying too hard to revolutionize the gaming industry by imposing ridiculous policies like a compulsory internet connection at all times with the Xbox One. Sony doesn’t force its gamers into anything thus making offline play a breeze. Heck, Sony still proposes for a physical format games. Protection Status