Skylake 2015 Retina MacBook Pro: A Leap Too Big?

Apple is not famous for making big upgrades with its products, particularly with the MacBook Pro. While many are expecting the next-gen MacBook Pro to come out with Intel Broadwell on board, there is actually a huge chance for the laptop to offer something better.

Just yesterday, Intel announced that it is already producing its very first 14nm nanochips and it will be known as Skylake. The tech component is expected to be ready by late June and if the timing is right, Skylake can be part of the next-gen MacBook Pro.

Of course, it is still up to Apple to decide whether they should utilize the revolutionary nanochips with their upcoming laptops. If Apple chooses to break the norm of subtle upgrades, then the next-gen MacBook Pro is expected to arrive with ultrafast processing speed and also a better battery life. Protection Status