Half Life 3 Release Date: A Ridiculous Theory

After witnessing the manner Portal 2 was confirmed by Valve, it has got the Half Life fans spamming their conspiracy theory all over the internet. The Half Life community believe that if they got a conspiracy theory spot, then Valve will finally break their silence on Half Life 3, just like Portal 2.

Well, the idea might sound ridiculous but after waiting more than a decade for an official word on Half Life 3, the fans have got nothing to lose. We’ve already heard of many great conspiracies tha make sense and also some that are utterly ridiculous.

The latest conspiracy we read falls under the ridiculous category as the lad claim that Half Life 3 was kept on hold due to politics. In detail, Half Life 3 has been pending confirmation since Bush was in president of USA.

Also, knowing that Russians too love Half Life 3 and Bush had a bitter relationship with Russia, it has got Valve holding onto Half Life 3 from a release. If war is to happen, then Valve will launch Half Life 3 and the Russians will be forced to surrender as they want the game in their homeland.

Clearly, the writer for this conspiracy theory needs a slap on the face. It is not because of the joke but due to him provoking the sensitive issues. Half Life 3 might be massive even when not released but there are still boundaries to observe when producing a conspiracy theory for the game.

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