Prince of Persia: Where Did It Go?

The fans of the Prine of Persia franchise thought that it was finally time to see the game make a comeback last year when a Reflection staff tweeted an image hinting that there might be more Prince of Persia in the future.

The image had all the previous Prince of Persia game in it followed by a question mark. The account was later taken down leading fans to speculate that he might be on to something.

However, the only Prince of Persia new that we got last year was that the game was going to be offered for free in May 2016 to celebrate Ubisoft’s anniversary. Since then, there has been no additional news about Prince of Persia.

Right now, most people believe that there will not be a new Prince of Persia game but there is still speculation that we might see a 2D Prince of Persia game like the new Rayman game.

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