Prince of Persia: All That For This?

The reason why people seems to believe that there might be a new Prince of Persia game was because of the tweet that we all saw earlier this year.

A Ubisoft Reflections engineer, Drew James posted tweet an image on twitter. The image showed some of the screenshot from some of the past Prince of Persia game with the caption” What’s next for Prince of Persia”

This has lead to many fans assuming that there will be more Prince of Persia in the near future but so far, the only news we have heard was that the Prince of Persia: Sand of Time was offered as the first free game for Ubisoft 30th anniversary. That is all.

We find it hard to believe that he was actually teasing this but so far, there still seems to be no news that might indicate that there might be more Prince of Persia. What do you think?

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