Tesla Model S & Model X: Sneaky Little Tesla

Tesla has just announced that the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X will both come with a P100D option now and while most people attention were on the 315miles range of the vehicle will be offering and below 3 second 0-60mph time, Tesla sneakily added that the Autopilot on their Tesla models will not cost a little more.

In case you missed it, the new Autopilot system will cost $3500 instead of $3000 which means it is $500 more expensive now. Well, the fact is that it is not really that big of a price hike but it is still a price hike.

The slightly more expensive Autopilot 2.0 will not come with any hardware changes itself but was just added to reflect the value of the product. Despite that, we don’t it will really affect the adoption rate of the Autopilot system since those that wants it will probably not mind paying $500 more to get it.

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