Portal 3 Will Follow Half Life 3’s Path

Most Half-Life fans have probably already given up on any hope that the Half-Life 3 game will arrive. After years of waiting, most people are now willing to accept that Valve have already moved on from the game and maybe they should too.

While most of the Half Life fans are already at that stage, the Portal fans are not there yet. In fact, most of them believe that there is going to be a Portal 3 in the near future.

Most people believe that Valve had intended to build the third game based on the ending of the second game where Chell was seen in an empty field with a companion cube.

There were other who thinks that Valve would eventually merge both Portal and Half Life together to give the fans closure but we think that is just way too optimistic. Valve has never really said anything about working on a third Portal game and they seem to have their hands full with their multiplayer game right now.

Do you think Valve would eventually create a new Portal game or will the fans of the Portal franchise end up like the Half Life fans?

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