Portal 3: Why Are The Fans Getting Excited

Valve has never mentioned or hinted that a Portal 3 is being developed so why do the fans think that there might be a Portal 2 announcement this year?

Well, most people believe that Valve had the intention to come out with a third installment for the game because of the ending of Portal 2. The ending where Chell are left in a field of grain with a companion cube left many wondering if there is going to be more.

Fans also believe that Chell was the women in the HTC Vive trailer. The women were wearing the same outfit as Chell leading many to believe that there might be VR Portal 3 game in the making.

There was also speculations that the new Portal 3 game might somehow tie in with Half Life 3 but let not go that far for now. So you think there is going to be a Portal 3 game?


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