Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Is Broken Before It Starts

The new Watch Dogs sequel, Watch Dogs 2 have been receiving some pretty positive feedbacks from the fans but it is not close to being perfect yet. Before the release of the new Watch Dogs game, the developers also announce that the sequel will come with a seamless online multiplayer model.

However, the multiplayer player mode was not as seamless as Ubisoft said it will be. Reviewers reported that jumping in and out of games will cause the game to stutter and slowdown and that could only be solved by restarting the game.

Following the report, Ubisoft announces that they will repair the multiplayer mode before the game is launch but that did not happen. Instead, Ubisoft will be stopping the features for now until they have a patch ready.

The console players will not be too happy about the announcement but this will not affect the PC players since they are still waiting for the game to arrive. The PC version of Watch Dogs 2 will be arriving on the 29th of November. Protection Status