Porsche 911 Turbo: Wolf Hiding Under Shee[

While we don’t think that the Porsche 911 Carrera can be considered a sheep, it still does not change the fact that Porsche tried to hide their 911 turbo underneath the 911 Carrera but the spies saw through it immediately.

The vehicle was caught while it was getting tested out in the open. From far, it looked like the 911 Carrera but upon closer inspection, it was clear that the fenders are wider here. The wheels do not seem to fit as well.

Based on what we can see, the Porsche 911 Turbo could easily come in as the widest Porsche 911 Turbo we will ever get. We are expecting it to come with an all-wheel drive system and will be powered by a turbo flat six.

The numbers have not been revealed yet but we know that the current Turbo S is already offering an impressive 580hp which means the new model could offer more than 600hp when it arrives.

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