Pokemon Z Release Date: The Cruel Truth Outed

The cruel truth regarding the Pokemon Z release date has been revealed and sorry to say that it was nothing more than a hoax. Fans of Pokemon got excited recently when what looked to be an official account at Gamefreak showed off cover art on Twitter that was said to be Pokemon Z and it said that it was exclusive to the new 3DS.

While it seemed to be authentic when you first glanced at it, it has turned out to be nothing more than a cruel hoax by someone named Matthew, who is apparently the co-owner of a website by the name of Nintendo Ignited. He seemed to enjoy the hoax as he spent most of an evening responding to followers.

If you look closely however you can see the word fake hidden in the Twitter description, but apart from this the whole thing looks to be legit. He even used the username of @GameFreakGames, which seemed to seal the deal. He said that he had come across the logos of the game on Google and he then went to a lot of effort to make it seem as genuine as possible.


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