Pokemon Sun & Moon Global Mission More Achievable Now

The idea of having a Global Mission where all their Pokemon Trainers can try to beat in interesting but the first mission was so difficult that the players ended up getting frustrated with the developers.

Well, the second mission has just been announced but luckily for the fans, the mission is easier to achieve this time and the rewards is even better than the previous mission.

The new mission will only require the players to catch 1 million Pokemon. The catch is that players will have to find these Pokemon using the Island Scan feature. The event will start on the 27th of December and will run until the 9th of January.

The last mission required the players to catch 100million and after two weeks, the players only managed to catch around 16.5million. To get the Island Scan feature, you need to earn 100points from scanning QR codes in the game.

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