PlayStation VR Comes Next For Gravity Rush 2 Director

Now that things have quiet now on the side of Gravity Rush 2, the director of the game, Keiichiro Toyama is ready to work on a new project.

According to the reports, Toyama is more than ready to start a new problem but what we do not know is what he will be working on next. He did say some fresh but some fans speculated that we might see a Playstation VR version of Siren from the Director.

We know that his team has been playing around with the Playstation VR and there is no denying that Siren would make a great Playstation Vr game. Of course, he could be offering something totally different but we would not mind if he starts working on a Siren VR game.

What do you think the Director should work on next? What kind of games would you like to see from Keiichiro Toyama? Let us know in the comment section below.

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