Playstation Plus Price Hike, Do We Even Have A Choice?

In case you have not notice, Sony will be increasing the price of their Playstation Plus Subscription and you can bet that the Multiplayer game fans are not going to be happy about that.

There were not that happy when Sony decided to make the Playstation Plus mandatory in the first place. Back in the days with PS3, people could play all the multiplayer games for free as long as they buy the game and then opt to subscribe to the Playstation Plus if they want the “free games” and other perks. With PS4, players must subscribe to a PS+ account if they plan to play any sort of Multiplayer mode.

Yes, it gives us free games every month but technically, we are paying for those games and more often than not, the games offered are so bad that we don’t even play them.

However, none of that will matter. No matter how unhappy the people are, we are sure they will just continue to subscribe to the service or stop playing multiplayer games on the PS4.

Starting 22nd of the September, the PlayStation Plus subscription will be $59,99.

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