Paladins PS4 Ready For Testing, No Time To Watse

If you are living in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and would like to try out the controversial Paladins game, you can do so now. Both Xbox One and PS4 players are invited to join the closed beta for Paladin s but there is only 5000 space available for PS4 players.

If you would like to secure one, you will need to head to Gamespot and follow the instruction there. If you win, the code will be emailed to you withing 24 hours.

The game has been getting a lot of hate from gamers who feel that the developer of Paladins might have ripped the game from Overwatch. The similarity is pretty obvious but according to the developers, they have been playing the game for years and they did not even know that Blizzard was working on something similar.

Click here if you are a PS4 player and here if you are an Xbox One player.

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