Overwatch: What We Need To Know

The new patch for Overwatch is ready for testing on the PTR right now and here is what the new patch will come with.

The patch will come with some nerf and buff for the heroes. One of the heroes that will be getting an update is Roadhog. With the Chain Hook, the target will now be pulled in front of Roadhog and not straight to him. Hooked target will also be released of they are out of Roadhog’s line-of-sight before getting pulled. They also upgraded the line-of-sight check so that it is now done from Roadhog and not the hook. That means no hooking around corners.

Ana has been nerfing in the new upgrade. Her Biotic Grenade healing boost will be reduced by 50%. Blizzard also made some changes to D.VA including increasing her health from 200 to 400. Her armor will be dropped from 400 to 200 while the bullet damage from Fusion cannons will be reduced from 3 to 2. They did increase the number of bullets per shot.

The update will also reduce the hacking time of Sombra from 1 to 0.8seconds.

Which update are you hoping would stick and which of them do you think Bliazzard should remove?

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