Overwatch: Capture It While You Still Can

When it comes to first-person shooting games, it looks like Capture the Flag is a must have mode but it looks like Blizzard is not looking to keep that mode around forever.

Fans have been asking for some sort of Capture the Flag mode for Overwatch since the game was release and in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster event, Blizzard decided to release a new Capture the Rooster mode that works just like the Capture of Flag mode but with a fun twist.

When asking if the mode will be a permanent mode on Overwatch, Kaplan replied saying that they are not thinking about that right now but he did not say that it will not be in the future. Instead, he added that they might some say fine tune it and offer it but of course, we will never know when they will do it or if they will do it.

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