2018 Toyota Supra & BMW Z5 Still Keep Many Secrets

The fact that Toyota will be working with BMW on the next Toyota Supra is more than enough to get us all excite and the new spy shots are not doing anything to help calm us down.

The latest batch of spy shots shows the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z5 both running around in the snow. While we know that both the Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 will be riding on the same platform, it is clear here that both BMW and Toyota have very different visions in their mind.

From the fenders to the hood and trunk lid, it is clear that Toyota is set on going as aggressive as they can while BMW Z5 will be going the other way. Of course, with all the camo stickers in place, it is hard to see what they both will be like when they arrive but what we get to see is more than enough to get us excited about what is to come.

Check out the images here.

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