Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Will Be Forgotten Soon

We will be getting a fair amount of Zombie games this year and if Overkill’s The Walking Dead continues to stay off the radar, it might be forgotten by the fans soon.

One of the reasons why Overkill’s The Walking Dead got so much attention was because the fans were so impressed with what Overkill’s has done with PayDay 2 that they assumed the new Walking Dead game would be great as well.

However, with so little to go on, it is hard to decide if the game was actually worth the wait or not. The game, which was originally set to be released last year was pushed back. No new release date or window was announced.

According to Overkill, the new Walking Dead game will be nothing like the Telltale game. Their version will be a co-op game that is all about survival, role-playing, stealth as well as action.

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