Overkill’s The Walking Dead: No Point Chasing Them

It was an exciting day when Overkill reveal that they are going to work on a new The Walking Dead game that is unlike the one Telltale is offering right now. We have seen how great the people over at Overkill are when they release the PC version of PayDay and fans were looking forward to seeing what they manage to come out with this time.

When the game was first announced, Overkill stated that the game was going to be release in 2016 but we are close to the end of 2016 now and still no The Walking Dead insight. According to Overkill, they need more time with the game and that they are forced to delay it.

No new release window was announced after that but some people think that we might not even get the game next year.

According to Overkill, their version of The Walking Dead will be a co-op game. Well, we can put it aside now until they release some new information about the game.

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